Friday, December 21, 2012

pro team kit 2013 (updated Radioshack, Argos)

At last the full lineup for 2013, Radioshack kept us all waiting

Very similar to 2012 the only notable change is the addition of Focus as a bike
Sponsor, they seem to be taking up more space on the jersey that KUOTA so they must be putting in a few more euro’s.

Rás 2011 winner gets a new national champs jersey for 2013, i think the An Post version was much better but he looks happy with it, why wouldnt he be he is pro tour at last!!

Argos Shimano

Surely the worst kit of 2013, 2012 was a nice white kit but now they have blended grey with the white, not a good move in my book


Some small subtle changes but you would still recognise them in the bunch as the men from the great land of Kazakhstan.

Blanco - Giant

The old Rabobank team, now look like a team of Estonian champions. I am sure they will pick up a sponsor in time for the tour.


As predicted no change just a change of manufacturer, Daniel Oss displays the kit before a training ride


The “old” liquigas team, this is not an official shot and I have a hard time believing it as when you see it you think Liquigas not Cannondale as the design and colours have not changed a lot from 2012. I hope they go for something like the cannondale cycocross world team a nice green and black, classy like Carrick Wheelers


More black than last year which is no bad thing as the glare off those orange jerseys can be hard to take, probably a reflection in the change in ownership status of the team.


Very very similar to the 2012 kit. They appear to have lost Big Mat as a sponsor and have gained BTWIN as a very small sub sponsor. BTWIN are a brand of Decathlon who used to supply bikes to AG2R a number of years ago. According to a rider at the time the bikes had to be replaced after a matter of weeks as the frames were so bad they would go “sloppy” very quickly, fortunately for the FDJ boys they will still be riding Lapierres

Garmin – Sharp

One of my favourite jerseys from 2012 no spy shots yet but hopefully they follow the leads of other teams and don’t change much.

Looks like they are not changing much for 2013 going off this shot


Design is the same as 2012 but the colour has changed from navy to black, a good move in my opinion a very cool kit, wont feel so cool in the height of summer though.

Omegapharma - Quickstep

A variation on last years design which really grew on me as the year passed, more black and an interesting twist with the riders twitter handles on the back of the jerseys. Also have a symbol to signify they are world team time trial champions.

Orica Greenedge

Very similar to last year, not sure if anything has changed

Lampre – Merida

I was right on my predection of bright pink and green but they have kept the green to a minimium so it still looks like a lampre jersey which is a good thing

Lotto Belisol

Not a lot has changed here, Telnet has come in as a sub sponsor with a yellow shoulder to reflect their arrival.


Very similar to 2012 kit, they all still look like Luxembour National champions. Should change a bit in the spring as they are announcing a new sponsor


They have had the same style now for the last 3 years. A change in supplier from Adidas (really MOA) to Rapha would lead me to guess that we will be seeing some changes, however the bikes seem to have the same paint jobs so perhaps not. Pictures from the training camp have shown some of the riders testing unbranded Rapha shorts, MOA make some of Rapha’s gear at the moment so perhaps the riders wont notice that much of a change, apart from the price they will be able to receive at the end of the season when they stick their kit on e-bay!

One of the most anticipated kits of 2013 was released today, I am a little disappointed it was not a more dramatic of a change, we have only seen the front of the jerseys so far it will be interesting to see if they continue the theme of last year with white on the back and do they still ride the thin blue line??

I like the union jack design they have gone for to signify that Wiggins is an ex national champion its a change from the normal of bands at the end of the sleeves

Saxo – Tinkoff

Practically the same as 2012, a kit that looks great in the flesh looking forward to seeing Nicolas Roche in it.


Continuing the theme of 2013 jerseys of evolution rather than revolution the 2013 jersey is still very recognisable as Vaconseli which I suppose is the name of the game.